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Discerning the will of God in your life

Ever heard of analysis paralysis? It's when we just keep thinking about the options and never make a decision. I think we can all so easily get caught up in this paradox and it leaves us with anxiety about all kinds of decisions. This is where wisdom comes into play; wisdom helps discern which option God wants us to choose. Here are three questions you can ask yourself to discern what God wants for you so you can make wise choices:

1. What has God already said in the word?

God's word was written by Him for us. There is so much wisdom in every word. I find that when I open up my Bible and start reading, I find verses that apply to the situations in my life and those close to me.

Having trouble In friendships? There's advice for that. Struggling to make ends meet? There's advice for that! I could go on all day; any problem we have, God has the answer and has given us the guide in His word. Furthermore, God would never have us make a decision that goes against his word.

2. What do my mentors and wise friends have to say about it?

God has placed people in our lives to speak over us and into our current situations. Think about those people in your life who really know you, but more importantly really know God; it may be your pastor, counselor, or bestie down the street.

Whoever it is, if you're facing a tough decision their input and prayer can be so valuable. They love you and want what's best for you but their thoughts and ideas are less clouded by emotions and what-ifs. They can wisely point you in the right direction, towards God's best for your life.

3. Does this align with the call on my life?

Each of us has unique giftings and a unique call on our lives. When we're making decisions, big or small, they should fall into alignment with these things. Your decisions should make way for you to respond to the call on your life, not carry you further away.

All of this being said, it takes time and practice to learn how to discern the will of God in your life and to gain wisdom. Keep practicing and learning more about Him and you'll be perfectly positioned to fulfill His will and receive every blessing He has in store for you.




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