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Why we're meant to do life together...

Tough Love from Jillian - The Newsletter

Fellowship. What does that word even mean?

For me it's one of those words that I know the meaning of, but it is hard to explain. In a recent sermon, my pastor really broke down the word. He even went so far as to challenge the congregation to consider that word for our “word” in 2022!

Have you ever chosen a word to percolate on for a year? One year my word was "Love". And this year, I feel like the word "Fellowship" aligns with my personal goals, so I am officially choosing to apply it to my daily life!

As Christians we share in fellowship. Think about it...God created us to do life together with each other and also with Him. He wants us to share in our gifts and our fruits. He also wants us to share and bless those things with non-believers. It is his expectation (whoa, that’s deep).

It can be hard to be in fellowship with others due to our differences. But fellowship does not mean friendship, it means to share or have in common. So how are we in common if we have different beliefs or views? Yes, even political views?

Christians are sinners, have issues, and are guilty, too. Ugly traits foster in us just like non-Christians and we allow for the things that are festering in our hearts to come out (usually at the wrong time). These things show up as an eye roll, muttering beneath our breaths, hating on social, (I think that’s called trolling), or gossiping with a friend...gossip is everywhere.

This is not fellowship.

These things come from Satan. If you are a Christian and this resonates, we need to do things differently. There is power in our words and should use them to build people up! Words full of grace and keeping our negative thoughts to ourselves, and complaining about them to God so that He will work on our hearts.

When I find myself living out of alignment, I typically feel shame. I've learned that the shame is really my heart calling me to get in closer proximity to God. God knows we are sinners. He wants our hearts. He forgives and forgives again. It’s a choice we make.

If you are a Christian reading this, I challenge you to consider which one of these words/phrases resonates with you and think how you can bless others with it. Inspire, encourage, acknowledge, show someone grace, stand up for someone when they aren’t present to stand up for themselves, grieve with someone, rejoice with someone, or pray with someone.

Being in fellowship with other believers is what God designed us for. We are also to act in ways that bless one another. What we share is a connection with Christ. So regardless of our differences as people, we are children of God, and if we have announced Jesus our savior our fellowship is bound to each other through the Spirit of Jesus. Now we are to be in fellowship with one another.

So how does this align with my goals? One of my goals this year is to COOK MORE. I plan to serve a lot of people. Serving is an act of fellowship. When we are around a table with friends or family we are in fellowship and there is an opportunity to deepen the connection.

God created us to do life together, not alone. How can you be in fellowship with your brothers and sisters?




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