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Weight Loss Woes

Be honest. There’s no judgment here. But I do want to ask you, do you feel setting a date or a timeline for weight loss will really serve you and really help you shift your well being? Has it worked before?

PSA: It won’t. It’s a total mind-f*ck, fam. It gets to all of us from time to time, honestly.

Taking ownership of your health is a life-long thing. It is ongoing and will continue to change and shift. Just as we are faced with seasons of challenges or opportunities to level up, our health is always challenged.

A very common mindset is to be “on” or “off”. With that mindset, we feel restricted to be perfect when we are “on”, and when we are “off”, things don’t matter and we are free to eat as we please. I personally hate both of these mentalites.

Being “on” 100% of the time is impossible and it implies that there’s an “off”...but there’s not. Both are wrong.

As you continue to pursue your health and well being, I encourage you to drop the short-termed “on” approach. Instead, let your journey evolve over time. Learn about nutrition and giving your body what it thirsts for. Surround yourself with community and get real, active support from people who are on your same journey.

Let this Spring and Summer be different for you. This new mentality is freeing of the “on” “off” trap. Don’t flip the switch. Get rid of it!!!

You can join our (free) Weight Loss Group inside the fit-flavors community app for real support and guidance to have a healthier relationship with your health journey and ultimately reach your goals once and for all!





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