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This is what submission looks like

What does the word “submit” mean to you?

Over the past year, I've come to understand that submission involves being open to treading the path God intends for me, devoid of anxiety, anguish, or resistance. That's the essence of submission.

Let me share a little story with you…

Until recently, I was holding on to resentment from a prior business relationship that went bad. This endured for SIX long years. The only way I could remove the thorn from my side was to part with a lot of money that, in my opinion, wasn't rightfully owed. Those funds could've better fueled the business, supporting the growth of our team that is pouring themselves into.

So I decided to study forgiveness, even reading an entire book on the topic. When it came time to sign those papers at the bank, I prayed for trust in the Lord. And then I headed straight to therapy.

What had held me captive for years, even after the ordeal was over, now feels like liberation. There is freedom in submission.

Whenever regret and self-blame arise, I pause and remember the freedom that comes when surrendering to the Lord. Inviting God into my business in this manner gets me up close and personal with his mercy and unwarranted compassion.

Submitting to God has the power to mend hearts. And since we're all inhabitants of this Earth, yielding to God often manifests as yielding to someone, something, or a circumstance.

If there's a facet of your life that you want to break free from, ask God to show you the path of submission. Talk to him like you would a friend. Say, “God, how can I embrace submission in this aspect of my life? Could you guide me?”





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