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Reading Special on the Podcast!

Tough Love from Jillian - The Newsletter

Guys! My new book, Owning the Wait has arrived... ..."in stock" ..."on shelves now" ..."in store" ..."ships immediately" Phrases that I couldn't even fathom 18 months ago when I started on this journey of writing what was supposed to be a cookbook but turned into a book about mastering your mindset and spiritually on your journey to building a healthy life. I hope you'll celebrate with me by heading into a fit-flavors store if you're local to St. Louis or grabbing your hard-back copy online! As a special series on the Owning the Wait podcast, I'm reading excerpts of the book over the next 3 days. So, if you're not sure that the book is for you, tune into these short and sweet episodes and give it a test ride. Be sure to leave me a rating and written review on the podcast to tell me what you think! Owning the Wait is also available as an e-book or Audiobook on Amazon. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support. It means the world to me that you'd trust me to help you create a long-lasting, sustainable healthy lifestyle!



TUNE IN TO The Owning the Wait Podcast!

This show will help you take ownership of your life, health, spirituality, business, and so much more. My mission in life is to help YOU achieve your goals by giving you the tough love necessary to stop making excuses and start showing up for yourself. If you're ready to opt-in and you're willing to do the work to level up in life, you're in the right place. Receive hope, tough love, and tactical ways to sew the seeds that will let you step into true physical and emotional health, founded spirituality, successful entrepreneurship, and inner peace.


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