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My Word For The Year

The new thing going around is choosing one word for the year. It is a word to bring your focus back to the word, and a word to serve as a reminder. I’ve never been one to set New Year's resolutions, but I can really get down with this one word thing and here is why. PS, in my mind setting goals is different than a new year's resolution but that is a different conversation.

It’s easy to do and remember

It’s 1 word to hold massive impact on your life this year

It’s something you can journal about

It’s a way to keep your goal sustainable and ongoing because encompassing a word or living up to a word is unending and I like that. The pursuit is ongoing.

You can easily write this word all over to keep it on your mind

Those are just a few reasons why I like this exercise. Now for my word 🙌🏼.


Yup that’s it. It probably has no meaning to you and that’s cool. Some words that my friends have chosen are focus, transformation, and love. My word comes from my experiences over the past year and some deep work I have done with myself.

In 2022 I hired a therapist to help me walk through some resentment I have been holding onto for 6 years. Something that I felt had a grip on me and my soul. I feel that resentment was a weed in my garden. That weed was causing my garden stress and not allowing the beautiful flowers to blossom that I know could grow from my soil.

I changed my perspective on therapy. I put down my ego. I reached out for help. I hired someone who could walk with me professionally through my shit that myself and my husband could not navigate. I had tried to work on this alone with God for years. I kept thinking I could pray and it would go away. Not willing to do the humble submissive work of letting another in to help me. The resentment was still not gone.

This was my last resort and if I’m honest, I tried so hard to not have to go to a therapist.

I continued to pursue pulling the weed out by myself with me in control. When I finally hired this person, I wanted them aligned with the word of God, so they would help lead me in a way that was obedient to the wishes of the Lord and bring blessings into my life. I was letting my soul open to be led and nurtured by another human being. God would want me to take Godly direction and wise console, and with that I was sure they needed to be a God fearing person. What was even crazier, he provided a woman to me on a silver platter. All I had to do was just ask.





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