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Mindset Refresh for Goal Setting

Hey guys,

Over the past five months, I have actively participated in the 28-Day Mindset Refresh for Goal Setting program, which I run within our fit-flavors Community App. This program provides a supportive space for individuals to lay a solid foundation for achieving their goals. While the program does not promise that you will achieve your entire goal within 28 days, it is designed to teach you HOW to achieve a goal. This includes developing the necessary habits, shifting your mindset, and taking full ownership of the waiting period between now and when you ultimately achieve your goals.

I would like to extend an invitation to you all to join this transformative program. To give you an idea of what to expect, I am sharing a glimpse into Week 1, Day 2, which is one of the longer exercises but gets right into the deep work.

Each daily exercise takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, making it easy to fit into your busy schedule. I hope you enjoy this sample of the 28-Day Mindset Refresh for Goal Setting program.




Week 1, Day 2 of The Mindset Refresh for Goal Setting by Jillian

Our vision statement describes what we desire to achieve, regardless of the timeline. Characteristics of our vision include a picture, a change, our values, a map, and a challenge. The vision statement is what, where, or who you want to become. It is there to create a long-term strategy for where you are going and to align anyone who is helping you get there.

Writing down and sharing our vision statement with others holds us accountable, makes it feel more real, connects us to the vision, and reminds us where we are going.

When I decided to write a vision statement for fit-flavors, I wanted it to be meaningful. I was uneducated and scared to fail. I had to take ownership in learning the power of a vision statement if I was going to present it to the company and create impact. I believe sharing a vision statement takes courage. It's putting out into the world what you want, especially if others are impacted by the vision statement.

Today you are going to write a vision statement for your goal. In fact, each week, we will write a vision statement for your intention. I want you to feel comfortable with this practice because it will start to follow you into other areas of your life.

Next is an example of one I wrote for myself. I will show you the long and short versions so you can see how I got there.

My vision statement for our home raising our children with discipline My vision for our family is that we slow down enough to smell the roses and we are raising our children to be good people. We make it a priority to have family dinners 2-3 times a week around the round table. This sets the tone and gives us a space for open and honest communication as they are growing into their teenage years. This is our opportunity as parents to show them sound nutrition with my cooking. This is a place to foster love and nurturing for our growing children through consistent dinners. We are teaching our children about God and his goodness. By going to church, reading our bibles, honoring the Sabbath, and praying. Giving them a foundation to root on and a rock to stand on. We are teaching our boys to be clean and disciplined with their things, and our home. They are doing chores as a part of them pitching in around the house. These chores teach them responsibility and ownership. They are training for the day that they will be on their own so they can take care of their homes and be a joy to their wives. They are committed to school and learning, making a small space most days to read and do their studies.

This is basically word vomit. Yours will most likely look like this. That's ok.

Going through the exercise is great. My vision had 4 topics I wanted to cover.

1. God

2. Nutrition and dinner time

3. Chores

4. Education

Notice how my vision statement includes, a picture, a change, our values, a map, and a challenge.

  1. A picture - I can see my boys doing these things and becoming good men.

  2. A change - right now we do some of this stuff some of the time, I want it more consistently to create a happy healthy responsible lifestyle.

  3. Your values - Good nutrition, our faith, accountability, ownership, open and honest communication, discipline, cleanliness, love, and consistency.

  4. A map - 2-3 dinners, weekly chores, weekly reading, weekly church

  5. A challenge - For us to hit this perfectly would be unrealistic. Dad travels, we are on select teams, and mom runs a company.

I also want to share this vision with my husband and possibly my boys. In that case, it needs to impact others, so I need to shorten it.

A good way to start here is to take the keywords or phrases and write them down. Then in 3-6 sentences create a vision statement.

  1. Keywords: family dinner, open and honest communication, sound nutrition, fostering love and nurturing, faith is vital, clean and disciplined responsibility and ownership.




My vision statement for our home raising our children with discipline

My vision for my family is to be rooted on the rock of Jesus. We foster nutrition, open communication, and self ownership in all our responsibilities, and fun is at the center of it all.



This version of my vision statement is more digestible. Now, I can print this and hang it on my bathroom mirror so my husband and I can read it. I can read to my kids. It is a reminder of why I stay disciplined to do my tasks to reach my goal.

Now, it's your turn.

Using the goal you set an intention for yesterday, walk through this process of creating a vision statement.

  1. Step 1: Brain dump

  2. Step 2: Consider the picture, change, your values, the map, and the challenge. Identify each in your brain dump. If you're missing one, go back and think about how to add this into your vision "brain dump"

  3. Step 3: Highlight the keywords from your vision brain dump

  4. Step 4: Use your keywords and your picture, change, values, map, and challenge to write a pointed vision statement.

If you're feeling up for it, share your vision statement with all of us in the activity feed!

Note: You can read more about vision statements here, and you can listen to my relevant Owning the Wait podcast episode "How Creating a Vision Statement Can Help With Your Goals" here.



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