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Identifying Your Lifestyle Non-Negotiables

Setting non-negotiables in your health, nutrition, and fitness routines can greatly contribute to a true lifestyle transformation. Non-negotiables are the boundaries and guidelines that you establish for yourself to ensure self-support, maintain good health, foster consistency, and develop positive habits.

I put together a quick exercise for you to map out your lifestyle non-negotiables. This will help you to identify areas where you need to focus more energy on and where you need to reel back! This exercise will ultimately help you identify your own non-negotiables to create a sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle.

All you need is a scratch piece of paper and a pen (or the notes app on your phone).

STEP 1: Reflect on Your Values and Priorities

Think about what truly matters to you when it comes to your health and well-being. Consider your values, long-term goals, and the aspects of your life that you prioritize the most.

Write them down.

a) My values are:

b) My priorities are:

STEP 2: Identify Your Health and Wellness Needs

Reflect on your individual needs when it comes to health, nutrition, and fitness. Consider the areas where you feel you need support, improvement, or consistency.

Write them down.

a) My health needs are:

b) My nutrition needs are:

c) M fitness needs are:

STEP 3: Establish Non-Negotiables

Based on your values, priorities, and needs, determine the non-negotiables that you want to incorporate into your lifestyle. Non-negotiables are the habits or practices that you commit to without compromise. They should align with your goals and contribute positively to your overall well-being.

Circle them from your Step 1 and 2 lists.

Did you miss something? Write it down and circle it!

STEP 4: Commitment

Now that you have identified your non-negotiables, it's time to commit to them and create an action plan for implementation.

a) How will you ensure that your non-negotiables are prioritized and integrated into your daily/weekly life?

b) Are there any potential obstacles or challenges that you anticipate? How will you overcome them? If they come up sporadically, how can you be flexible to manage?

c) How will you hold yourself accountable to maintain these non-negotiables over the long term?

Over the next week, periodically revisit your non-negotiables and assess if you’re meeting them. Reflect on your progress, any adjustments needed, and celebrate your successes along the way! (PS, your non-negotiables are not set in stone and can evolve as your priorities and needs change…aka, like when my kids have 87 baseball games each week).

I think that establishing lifestyle non-negotiables is a powerful step towards creating a sustainable and fulfilling health, nutrition, and fitness routine. By identifying your values, priorities, and needs, you can set clear boundaries and commit to habits that support your overall well-being! I like to spend time on this several times a year. It keeps me accountable to myself and my standards.

Let me know how you liked this exercise and if you want to see more of this!





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