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I aspire to be a woman of noble character

One thing I've learned through reading and studying the bible a lot is new ways to express myself through writing.

I'm by no means a poet or even close to the talent of the many Psalmists that wrote Psalms, but I've learned a lot from reading the way God speaks to his people.

In this blog, I want to share with you a writing style I use to express some of my thoughts when I'm deep in bible time 💙

This is deeply personal to me, my values, and how I want to show up as the woman of my household. For example, you might notice that my passion for food flows into the way I want to prepare the provisions for my family. You will also notice some character traits that I am working on bettering or developing in myself.

I hope this encourages you to try a new way of expressing yourself, whether or not that's through writing is up to you!

I Aspire To Be A Woman of Noble Character

A God-fearing woman knows her values.

She wears them around her neck like a necklace.

She offers peace and love to all those who she encounters,

Remembering what matters most is not of this world.

She supports her husband and his efforts,

Making the home warm and comforting to his needs.

Honoring him, not nagging, and keeping his belly full,

He feels like a King and she becomes Queen.

She disciplines her children out of love,

Fostering a home of honor and respect.

She shows her children the right path to an honorable marriage,

Not by words but by the actions she lives when they are still home.

She makes time to prepare foods that nourish her family,

Not allowing the stress of the world to defeat her efforts.

She hosts gatherings in her home for extended family and friends,

Where love and laughter keep spirits high and souls fed.

She heeds to the discipline of the Lord and obeys his teachings,

Shaping her principles and values to his will and commands.

She wakes early before sunlight to study God's word,

Seeking wisdom and truth she finds understanding.

She surrounds herself with like-minded women

To support her and hold her accountable to her walk with Christ.

She builds her business to serve others and bring glory to God,

She is a servant leader, operating to God’s will not the worlds.

She runs her business ethically and walks in faith, not by sight,

Through ebbs and flows she doesn’t lose hope.

She offers a career path for her team, giving them purpose,

Creating a product to serve the world and God’s Kingdom.

She cares for the mouths of others and their nourishment,

Giving more food each year as her business prospers.

Her giving initiatives grow as form of offering,

She puts her trust in God to provide more.

She keeps her temple in mint condition

Through nutrition, movement, and prayer.

She disciplines her mindset through her practice,

With each day she dials into what is being called of her.

Her demeanor is shaped by the understanding that comes from God,

Maturing more with age like a fine wine.

She becomes a mentor and a teacher for her community,

Being a sounding board and a voice of truth and direction.

She helps shape those who she inspires and leads,

Bringing more people to the trinity.

She remembers her work is not for her own advancement,

But of the advancement of the Kingdom and its purpose.

She heeds to God’s direction and will for her life,

In prayer and through conviction she stays humble and obedient.

She is a fire of a burning candle offering light

Requiring oil from the Father for her lampstand.

Did you relate to part of this writing? I'd love to hear your thoughts!




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