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How to take your lifestyle with you on vacation

Sometimes I forget the strength of my habits. When I talk to friends or customers at fit-flavors about going on vacation, I realize they feel stuck and fearful that they won’t be able to bring their healthy habits with them!

Guys…you CAN have fun on vacation and still bring your lifestyle with you. I recently went on a golf trip and I wrote down the things I did to take my healthy lifestyle with me. I really want to share these with you in this blog! If you have any further questions about it, don’t forget you can ask me here (and I will answer your questions on my next podcast episode).

  1. Start with packing some staple items! Doesn’t really matter where I’m traveling or how long my trip is, there are a few things that I always take with me. For example, I always pack some supplements. Whatever that is for you, pack it. Sticking with your routine to the best of your ability when you're on the road will help you stay dialed in. Food and activities on trips are always outside the norm so keeping your staples handy is key. Just be prepared enough to pack them. I have my protein powder, collagen, and pills. Easy enough. I typically pack them in zip lock bags and throw the scoop in to maximize packing space. Store them all in a gallon zip lock just in case you have some leaks.

  2. I love to take a fit-flavors meal with me for my travel day and a couple snacks. You never know what the airport has and if you are in St. Louis, nothing great. (FYI, fit-flavors may be coming soon to Lambert!!!! Holla!!). I throw one fit-flavors meal into my backpack. I have no problems getting through security with my meal. If you want to pack more, check them in a cooler and be sure to pack them on enough ice. I typically don’t take an abundance of fit-flavors meals unless I’m going on a business retreat where we will be spending a lot of time at the house. I like to experience the restaurants in new towns because this is how I get inspired for new fit-flavors menu items.

  3. Hit up that grocery store when you get there! You’re either staying in a rental house or a hotel. The difference is cooler space. If your hotel has a small one you can grab a few things, otherwise you will need to stick to pantry items. I tend to always find a Whole Foods when I am traveling. I love their brand promise of no chemicals, food dyes, hormones, etc. I know the snacks there are good to go and I love that. I typically will stock up on fruits, veggies, dips like hummus or guac, bars, chips, and dark chocolate. Then if I have the munchies at night, I eat this stuff rather than ordering room service. This food is really for the in-between meals that I use for snacking. If I am staying in a rental home, I will plan a whole grocery list when we are traveling and plan to prep a few meals at the house. I buy those items to help keep our food consumption clean. I know this is not the norm but this is not that hard. Some steaks, chicken breast, a bag of rice, some veggies, stuff for salad and don’t forget olive oil and salt. Lots of homes don’t even have the basics. Last time we traveled I opted to purchase a sea salt and a spice blend for my cooking. It was perfect. If this feels like a massive undertaking to cook, stick with the healthy snacks and purchase pre made foods from the deli. You can easily grab pre made foods to make meals at home. This will save you money and calories.

  4. Movement. If the opportunity presents itself, I make time for it. For example, most hotels have a workout room, so I try to hit it at least 1-2 times on a 5-6 day trip. If it doesn't work for the people I am traveling with, I don’t force it. Last trip we took to Scottsdale, Jason and I looked up a hot yoga studio and did that one day. We also played 3 rounds of golf and took an evening walk one night. Vaca is a time to relax so ask yourself, does fitness bring me joy and make me feel good? If it does, movement should definitely be a part of your trip. Since we travel quite a bit, I don’t unplug on these vacations and eat whatever, I keep my routine as consistent as possible and that means a sweat session is in the mix. Another great option is to bring a band with you and run through 20 minutes of movements at the house or in the room. You can get a good pump in those muscles if you work with a band. Full body is the way to go. If you are traveling with kids and at a resort, plan with your significant other when you want to hit the gym and tag team for each other. That seems to work to grab at least one and not feel like you’re being too selfish. Another thing when traveling with kids is play with them, we love to take our ball gloves and play.

  5. Eating out is more abundant than when I’m at home. I change my perspective when I’m on a trip. I don’t look at eating out like, “I can’t wait to eat out and indulge!”, I just think of trying to find a protein, starch, and veg when I’m eating out. That is hard when you're on a trip. Trust me, I get it. We are always so thankful for fit-flavors when we get home. Most places are not balanced, out of portion and sometimes just not that healthy. You have to do the best you can. My biggest tip here is when eating out, think about finding a lean protein 4-6 ounces, a slow digesting starch (not always possible), and a veggie! If you can do that, you are leaps and bounds ahead of the curve. Remember 80/20 is the goal, it might be closer to 60/40 that week, and that’s ok. That’s why taking your routine and doing other things closer to your routine at home will ensure you making healthier choices all around.

  6. Have some fun food! If it is a vacay and not just an every week work trip, enjoy yourself. I remember when I was younger I put so much damn pressure on myself to be perfect and when I wanted to eat something like cake or ice cream, I had so much shame and regret around it. Ugg, it was not the best place for me mentally. As I have matured and seen the impact of the 80/20 philosophy long lived, I know that cake or ice cream on my vacay is not going to sabotage my goals. If you eat every dessert, drink all day, don’t balance it out, you will feel like crap and be holding a ton of water weight. That just happens. Add some airtime onto that, and the dehydration can make you feel worse. Learning to balance the fun stuff with your routine is how you successfully take your lifestyle with you on a trip.

  7. Hydration, hydration, hydration! Did I mention you want to drink water? If you are in the air, start with grabbing a liter of water at the airport. Drink that baby before you land in your next destination. Keep that water flushing through your system. I used to not want to pee on the plane but then I realized how much better I felt when I was not dehydrated, or bloated the next day. Also water helps keep your digestion regular and we all know that it’s no fun to not be regular on a trip! I find that drinking water helps a ton with that. If you will be drinking more alcohol, don’t forget to drink your H2O. I'll say it one more time! It’s all about balance.

Hope you enjoyed these tips for travel, try one out next time you go somewhere. Hit me up if you want to know my favorite snacks to buy :).





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