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For all the boy mommas out there

A friend recently shared a reel with me that struck a chord.

And yet, undeniably TRUE, isn't it? As moms of boys, our goal is to guide our children to be respectful, patient, kind, and considerate toward women. I pray that each of you, as boy moms, are fortunate to have a man in the household who exemplifies the values you want your sons to uphold in their future relationships. My husband stands as the greatest blessing in my family.

If you've been part of this journey for a while, you might be aware that I regularly pray over my 2 sons' future wives. This practice was actually recommended by a cherished friend. For those with boys, consider this a sign to include their future spouses in your prayers. It's such a sweet conversation with God, asking for a relationship founded on Him—one that fills their lives with joy, laughter, and comfort.

While witnessing their growth, it's fun to think of small, everyday ways that we contribute to shaping our boys into men who uplift their homes. This is why I appreciated the reel so much—it gives a handful of practical approaches to teach emotional intelligence to our boys.

For those raising boys, here are a few additional tips I'd like to share for nurturing emotionally resilient young men:

  • We have a feelings chart, and when Vinny has a melt down and says he's angry, hates Sal, or hates himself. I bring out the emotional wheel and we discuss his rage and anger and break it down to shame, frustration, or embarrassment. He's learning the difference in those emotions. And if not talked about can lead to rage.

  • Having them pray. This is teaching them to speak to the Lord and give thanks, ask for healing, or his protection.

  • I speak about the power, connection and purpose of marriage to my children. This way they understand the ups and downs of marriage. Why mommy and daddy kiss and why we go on date night. I want them to understand the love of a marriage, even when they are young. This will make sense when they are 25. It is a priority for us. Also why we say, “ask your mom” or “ask your dad” before letting them do things, it shows we are a united force even if the answer to what they are asking is a yes for one of us.

What else can you think of? What’s working for you boy mommas out there?





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