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7-step framework for your mindset this holiday season

Hey guys. Since doing the gut health series on the podcast, I’ve been in conversations with many of you who have been struggling to get your nutrition dialed in so that you can actually FEEL your best.

It’s my passion and purpose in life to help you. In all of these conversations, it occurred to me that the mindset you have around nutrition is really the foundation of a successful journey with food.

As we approach the holiday season…NOW is the time to strengthen that mindset muscle. When we are surrounded by parties, foods, and eating patterns that are totally outside of our norm, our bodies might fight back against us a little bit, but if we let stress enter our bodies at the same time, the holiday season could wreak havoc on your body.

Truly. Eating the cherry pie and stressing about eating the cherry pie have 2 totally different reactions in your body. And I’ll let you guess which one has the more negative effect…

So, what can you do about this? How can you enter the holiday season without worrying how your changing eating habits will “impact your goals” or “change the scale” or whatever…?

BUILD your mindset. In my book, Owning the Wait, I map out a 7-step framework that teaches you how to eliminate thought and action patterns that take a toll on your mindset and gives you direction on what you can do today to move one step closer to freeing your mind from the on-again, off-again cycle.

If you typically struggle with your mindset around food during the holiday season, there is no shame in this. Seeking resources to help you feel good throughout the holidays is the next right step.

I encourage you to get a copy of Owning the Wait or listen to the audio book (it’s short, only 3 hours total).

I promise it will change your relationship with food and your health journey, and open you up to a new perspective.





EP 131. [Nutrition, Hormones & Gut Health] Perimenopause & Menopause

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