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Jillian Tedesco

Founder & CEO of fit-flavors | Author of Owning the Wait

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About Jillian Tedesco

Jillian Tedesco is the founder and CEO of fit-flavors, your first resource in healthy eating. She is a certified chef from Le Cordon Bleu and known by her community for openly nurturing some tough love, especially when it comes to nutrition, faith, doing the work, and owning the wait in life. You can stay in touch with Jillian through her weekly newsletter, Tough Love by Jillian, and by tuning into her podcast, Owning the Wait. She is also the author of Owning the Wait, a compelling book written to help you harness your spirituality and mindset through every season of your life and especially as it pertains to creating sustainably healthy habits.

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Owning the Wait

Available Now!

Change is you—your whole being—not just your waistline.

After almost twenty years in the fitness, culinary, and nutrition industries, Jillian Tedesco has seen how people struggle with implementing changes in their lifestyle. Programs, challenges, macro counting, and fad diets—there is so much noise.

While many sell promises of a “quick fix,” the truth is there is no end point to achieving a healthy lifestyle.

In Owning the Wait, fit-flavors CEO Jillian Tedesco shares her proven framework for shaking off the short-term mindset and taking ownership of creating—and keeping— sustainable lifestyle changes.

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