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How to ditch bad habits

Bad habits. We all have them. And quite frankly it’s not easy to change them.

We have to be really intentional about it. We have to gain awareness around when we do them and humbly accept the fact that we want/need to change. Prepare too, for the energy it takes to break and change a habit.

A habit I've been working on changing is cussing... It's something that I have done for years and I would always make the excuse "it’s cool" or "people just need to accept me." Then I had kids and realized I didn’t want them using the words. Time for a change!

If you're aware of a bad habit and motivated to change list out what your motivations are for quitting or replacing your habit.

If we just talk about what we want to change but don’t do something to move forward, there will never be change.

Putting an end to my cussing has been extremely hard to do as I have been swearing for years (about 20!). This is something I have been working on for a couple of years and in the last year, I have felt the most progress because my reasons for quitting are so clear. When I heard my boys say some nasty words, it was the last straw for me.

Take time to recognize your triggers.

Triggers are really important when it comes to ditching bad habits because you can be more mindful of what those triggers are and bring awareness around them.

When I'm frustrated, cuss words can be an expression of my anger. Before, this reaction was automatic, but now when I’m frustrated I recognize the feeling and choose a course of action (more about this in the next step).

When you want to change, replace your old habit with a new one.

I used to use the f-word as verb to describe anything and everything. Now, I catch myself about to use the word and choose another to use in its place. So instead of saying that pesky f-word, I say dang it or dang, it has taken a lot of practice but it is working!

Even my kids keep me in check when they hear me say it. I never thought it would be something I cared about so much until I had these kiddos.

If you feel the need to make a change to an old habit, you can do it! It takes time and patience so take that first step now.




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