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Owning the Wait

by Jillian Tedesco

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Owning the Wait

Change is you—your whole being—not just your waistline. In Owning the Wait, fit-flavors CEO Jillian Tedesco shares her proven framework for shaking off the short-term mindset and taking ownership of creating—and keeping— sustainable lifestyle changes.

With a conversational writing style that feels like talking to a dear friend, Owning the Wait is graceful and empowering as Jillian shares her success story with a relatable look at her own mess-ups and mental warfare that held her hostage for years.

Free yourself of dieting, get off the hamster wheel, and become who you were created to be!

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Jillian Tedesco | Owning the Wait

Under the Cover

Jillian’s science-backed nutrition philosophy that can stand up to the weather of life

How to harness the power of spirituality and a relationship with God to broaden perspectives and open possibilities

Tools for uprooting fixed mindsets and false narratives around food and body image

Actionable instructions for visualization exercises, owning and processing the failures, and trusting the process

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“A between-the-scenes story of the stages of life, growth, success and failure that will teach you why crash diets and cutting corners do not work.  Owning the Wait connects the dots between what we say we want and it coming to fruition.  Jillian’s story will help you turn your wants into realities.”

—Mindy Musselman, RDN, CDCES, diabetes educator, and co-host of Curious Me podcast

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“Every page bursts with energy, authenticity, expertise, and above all, faith. Part memoir, part business manual, part motivational manifesto, if you take this book to heart, you can’t help becoming a much better version of yourself.”

—Vaughn Kholer, speaker, consultant, author of Sacred Drive, and founder of Empowered Fellowship

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